Staccato 2011 Maintenance

All STI handguns must be clean and properly lubricated to function reliably and maintain optimum performance and accuracy. Proper maintanance can provide smooth operation, minimize the wear of parts and prevent malfunctions. 

Periodic maintenance of STI handguns involve cleaning and lubrication whenever any of the following conditions exist:

  1. Before firing your STI handgun for the first time
  2. After disassembling the firearm. Disassembly removes lubrication from moving parts and requires that you properly apply a high-quality lubricant intended for semi-automatic handguns upon reassembly. (STI does not recommend using grease)
  3. After shooting the firearm. Clean and lubricate the handgun to prevent corrosion and reduce friction on moving parts caused by power deposits that accumulate during shooting
  4. Before or after storing the handgun for periods longer than a month. Firearms which have been stored for long periods of time accumulate deposits of dust, dirt and sometimes rust and other corrosive actions caused by the environment
  5. After the handgun becomes wet or dirty. Excessive moisture or dirt within the firearm and around it can create obstructions, causing an unsafe shooting condition.
  6. When carrying daily

See Below for more information regarding the proper maintenance and care of any STI Pistol